Шкафы электротехнические МКН 10

Copy_Metal structure MK 10 with dimensions 400*300*200


Copy_Metal structure MK 10 with dimensions 400*300*200

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  • Тип виконання корпусу:
  • Товщина матеріалу корпусу:
  • Наявність болтів заземлення:
    On the body and door of the product
  • Тип конструкції:
  • Товщина металу двері:
  • Товщина металу монтажної панелі:
    2/1.5 mm
  • Захисне покриття:
    Powder paint. Default color RAL 7035
  • Наявність захисного екрану (фальшпанель):
    Not included as standard and must be ordered separately

Frame cabinets are welded metal structures with a large amount of installation space. They can be effectively used for the assembly of automatic control systems for technological processes, telecommunication systems, power switchboards, etc.

Advantages and technical characteristics of frame electrical cabinets 

The frame cabinet is a welded type frame, in the production of which high-quality metal profiles are used. They have a special design that directly affects the effectiveness of the application. The profile has a thickness of 2 mm, which allows you to protect the frame from various external influences.

Special locking washers are used to install the door, thanks to which, if necessary, you can quickly move the door from one side to the other. The use of a special bolt lock guarantees high-quality and reliable door locking, which affects reliability. A removable rear cover allows you to install a second door if necessary. Additional stiffeners are used to strengthen the side walls.

The main advantages of such structures include:

  • High quality and reliability of construction.
  • The possibility of adjusting the shelves inside the cabinet, which ensures the convenience and flexibility of storing various items.
  • The door is locked with a key, which ensures safe storage of things.
  • The compact size allows you to use the cabinet in offices, workshops and other places with limited space.
  • Affordable price, which makes the frame cabinet an attractive choice for many organizations and enterprises.

High-quality materials are used in production. It is usually a special metal that meets all standards and has the required level of strength. Designs can be equipped with various doors, panels and covers that provide access to the equipment and protect it from external influences. 

Among the main technical characteristics, we can note:

  • All-welded construction.
  • Degree of protection IP 54. Dust and moisture-proof cabinet.
  • Sheet or stainless steel 1.4301 depending on the version.
  • Body, door and back wall 1.5 mm, mounting plate 2 mm.

The surface is made of sheet steel, treated with primer and structural powder coating. The base panels and mounting panel are made of galvanized steel.

Order frame cabinets in Ukraine

The package includes:

  • Closet with doors.
  • Mounting panel.
  • Base panels.
  • Back wall.

If you apply for the purchase of a frame cabinet in a proven place, you can count on decent quality. All its elements are painted with high-quality polymer paint. You can count on full compliance with the required technical characteristics, as well as order production according to individual parameters.

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